Top 3 fantasies in women

Women often have fantasies. Even if they harbour their desires deep inside without expressing them, they remain buried in their memory. Every woman often has a type of fantasy in mind that she dreams about. What do they usually fantasise about? For some they wish to sleep with a woman like her, others wish to execute threesomes and finally another category of women wish to Dominate in bed.

Sleeping with another woman

Women are the beings who like to experiment a lot especially when it comes to sex. Even if they are already in a relationship, they never stop dreaming of satisfying their favourite fantasies. Many of them do not hide this dark side of them. There is nothing strange about the attraction that women have for women.
There are many reasons for this. Some women just have the sensation of sensually touching angelic forms. For example a slim woman may be possessed by the idea of touching her fellow girl’s big, huge buttocks and vice versa. For some they are just driven by curiosity and excitement.

Executing a threesome with two men

The threesome is a sexual practice in which a single woman is satisfied by two men. It is a favourite side of many women. The best solution is to put aside your boyfriend and use two unknown men. This allows you to focus on the pleasure only, not the feelings involved.
Having sex with two men is like solving countless equations. This is the type of fantasy that brings your Ego into play because seeing men militate you being the first to send you to 7th heaven feels crazy.

Dominating in bed

Women often want to take over during sex. They want to dominate their man by staying on top. These women people have a crazy side and know how to grope the man and ride him in all directions. For them it is a way of punishing men, especially if he does not constantly reproach them.