Sex toys of the moment: here are 3 best

To satisfy your sexual pleasures, you can get satisfaction without having much of a man. There are objects that have this ability to give you sexual pleasure. These objects called sextoys dominate the market recently and come in different forms. You can come across remote controlled vibrating eggs, clitoral hoover, Rabbits and vibrator.

Remote or connected vibrating eggs

With the difficulties of living together, disappointments and even sexual dissatisfaction observed in some women, many women resort to sex toys. These sextoys allow them to practice sex alone.
Indeed, remote-controlled and/or connected vibrating eggs have spread exponentially during periods of confinement. To use it, you need to insert the egg into the vagina. This egg has a tail. Then you have to stick this tail to the most sensitive part of the vagina. This is the outer side of the clitoris. For this sex toy to considerably increase your pleasure stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously.
You can use it anywhere. No matter where you feel the desire to be sexually satisfied, you can use it. Some people use it in the cinema, in a restaurant and even when they are in a car without driving. It costs only 70.90 euros and its exciting power makes it the best sextoy.

The clitoral vacuum cleaner

In this case of sextoys there is no question of penetration. To use it, you have to put your clitoral hoover on the outer side of your clitoris. Here it is the suction effect that is private. This suction is made possible by the pressure of the air that scours the clitoris. Thus you will feel sensations that rise as you go along. Its advantage is that it does not make any noise during its use.
It is a sextoy whose pleasure is similar to that provided by cunnilingus. In most cases, it allows you to reach orgasm within 5 to 10 minutes before you start using it. Its price on the market is 99 euros.

Rabbits and vibrator with an original design

This sextoy acts particularly on the G-spot. Thanks to its accelerated back and forth movements. It comes in different colours. Instead of the flesh colour that deceived strangers newly in your house, there are pastel colours that are currently popular.