How can you delay your orgasm?

Premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse is a phenomenon that creates frustration in a love relationship and can lead to separation. For this reason, it is necessary to look for a thousand ways to increase the duration of coitus to satisfy your partner. To achieve this, this content offers you some secrets: control your muscles, your breathing and your movements when you feel orgasm. Also handle your penis to calm the sensation.

Control your movements, breathing and muscles

Ejaculation in men can come at any time during sex. He can easily reach orgasm after 3 minutes or months when the back-and-forth movements intensify. In contrast, women can reach orgasm after 13 minutes. However, men need to perfect their loins to last longer. A simple and natural trick is to know how to control his movements.
Indeed, when the man wants to reach orgasm, the back and forth movements intensify and become fast. His breathing increases at a higher rate. If you notice this, automatically stop your back and forth movement and withdraw your penis half or completely from the vagina. Then control your breathing by taking a deep breath.
Then hold the breath for a few seconds and suddenly release the air through your mouth to exhale. During this time, contract your muscles, squeeze your buttocks and your anus to stop the ejaculation from coming out. Automatically, the orgasm folds in.

Pulling the upper part of your penis and testicles

Apart from controlling his movements and breathing, you can also maneuver your penis to delay the orgasm. This is done after you stop the back and forth movement and withdraw the penis completely from the vagina. To do this, first take your eyes off your partner and the pleasure you are feeling. Next, hold and squeeze the upper part of your penis and pull it out for a few seconds. In addition to this gesture, pull your testicles in order to bring the orgasm back. These two actions will set you off for another long-lasting romp.